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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a Lacrosse Team at my High School?

We have been in contact with several Athletic Directors throughout the island, but the common theme is that there is a lack of player and parent interest.  AYLA can provide coaches, equipment, and we are flexible with field space, but we need students to push Lacrosse from inside their school.  If students and parents can convince schools to start Club Lacrosse, AYLA can help provide everything else. 

Where can I purchase Lacrosse Gear?

Unfortunately there is no store on Island that sells Lacrosse gear.   AYLA purchases most of our equipment through Sport Stop, Lacrosse Unlimited, lax.com and others places including Amazon that sell gear.  Sport Stop has a very good sizing guide that is highly recommended before purchasing any gear.

After I purchase or rent Lacrosse gear, what else do I need?

Every player (Boys and Girls) is required to wear a mouth guard that is any color but clear or white so it is easily seen, and cleats are highly recommended.  Lacrosse specific cleats are made, but soccer or football cleats work just as well.  Boys are REQUIRED BY RULE to wear a cup!

What divisions does AYLA have?


       Pee Wee: K-2nd Grade

       Elementary: 3rd-5th Grade

       Middle School: 6th-8th Grade

       High School: 9th-12th Grade



       Juniors: 1st-4th Grade

       Seniors: 5th-8th Grade

       High School: 9th-12th Grade