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Subject: Galaxy s8 Wi-Fi
Posted by: westinbrodey of alohalax.org
Hello all,

my galaxy s8 will connect to Wi-Fi but it keeps saying "internet may not be available" it has an exclamation mark where the wi-fi icon is in the notification bar. This been going for about 2 weeks now and I am sick of it. My other phones work fine but this one will not. As soon as i turn on wifi, it will say "checking quality of your internet connection" then it will say "internet may not be available." Sometimes it will connect to the internet for about 8 seconds then it goes back that message. I restarted my router and that didn't work. Changed my Wi-Fi settings from DNS to static, didn't work. I have the latest android update. Turned on Wi-Fi roaming -
didn't work, forget network - didn't work, turned off and on - didn't work. I want a permanent fix for this. This has never happened on my phone before. I have sprint by the way

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you

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